Storage Overview

This module contans classes and functions that assist with the storage APIs. It includes the Storage class and methods to deal with overwriting files/folders.

Because the APIs of services are all different, DAPT calls the resource identification a file_id. Even if the resource is not a file, it is called a file_id. This is similar to everything is a file in Linux.

To attempt to make paths easier to navigate, the download and upload methods include a folder and name attribute. So if you wanted to upload a file in foo/bar/, you would set folder to foo/bar and name to You can omit the folder attribute and the current directory will be used. The motivation for this is to 1) make the file name and save location explicit, and 2) standardize these variables accross the download and upload functions. When downloading a resource, you may want to keep the file name from the service, or rename it. By setting the name attribute to None, the name of the resource will be used.